Why Choose Us?

Why do patients see Dr. Maleki? Here are the top 10 reasons.

  1. Patients with recurring dental problems and no obvious solution.
  2. Patients who have significant dental concerns; being just for one tooth or the entire mouth.
  3. Patients who were told they needed to see a Board Certified Specialist – Prosthodontist
  4. Patients with bite problems and/or badly worn teeth looking for solutions.
  5. Are unhappy or disappointed with the appearance of their teeth or dental work.
  6. They have difficulty chewing food with their removable prostheses (partials and dentures)
  7. Patients who are considering dental implants.
  8. Have had poor results or complications from dental implant treatment.
  9. Patients with missing teeth as a result of accidents or surgery.
  10. They have been referred to us by their dentist, due to complexity of their dental needs.                        

What Exactly is a Prosthodontist?

A Prosthodontist has extensive training in the sciences of tooth restoration, repair and replacement. To become a specialist, Dr. Maleki has completed an additional three years of university based full-time postgraduate education and is passionately committed to continuing education.

A common question is “do I need a referral from my dentist to see Dr. Maleki?”  No.  You can contact us directly.