Implant Dentures

Implant Supported DenturesIf you are tired of dentures that slide and slide throughout the day, implants may be able to provide you with improved denture stability.

Benefits of Dentures Anchored By Implants

Rather than relying on messy gels or adhesives, implant dentures are firmly secured in place with titanium rods anchored into the jaw. The benefits can be life changing.

  • Snug and comfortable lower dentures
  • Natural and realistic chewing performance
  • Hassle free cleaning and maintenance
  • No coverage of roof of the mouth with upper jaw implants
  • Improved speech
  • Increased confidence in your smile

The Treatment Process

During an initial consultation, Dr. Maleki will capture digital x-rays of your teeth and impressions of your jaw to assess the environment for implants. A CT scan may be used to locate nerves before implants are placed as well.

Implant Placement

Before the procedure, Dr. Maleki administers an anesthetic. Once the patient is numbed, he surgically places a series of small titanium rods into the jaw bone. Small sutures may be used to close each implant site.

A temporary denture will be placed before you leave the office. A typical patient requires 2 months for the implant to properly fuse into the jawbone.

Placement and Healing

During the concluding stage of treatment,  the final denture is fabricated and snapped onto the healed implant through an interlocking design. Dr. Maleki carefully examines the prosthesis to ensure proper fit and function. The entire process for implant supported dentures, from start to finish, may require 4 to 12 months to complete. The life-changing results are well worth the time commitment.

Implant Dentures Instructions

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