Professional Whitening

Teeth WhiteningAt Grayhawk Prosthodontics P.C., we focus on giving your smile a natural shine. Using professional-strength whitening materials, Dr. Maleki refreshes smiles that have been impacted by aging and staining.

In-Office Whitening

In-office whitening can deliver instantly recognizable results to your smile. Before treatment begins, Dr. Maleki will discuss your whitening goals to deliver your desired results.

A specially mixed bleaching compound will be applied to the surface of your teeth. An ultraviolet light will then be set for a specific period of time. In-office whitening delivers instantly recognizable results from the very first visit.

At-Home Whitening

If you prefer in-home versus in-office whitening, Dr. Maleki can help you with that also. He will create custom-fitting trays and provide professional whitening gel. This process delivers natural, safe and consistent results faster than over-the-counter whitening.

Over-the-Counter Whitening

We sometimes recommend that our patients use over-the-counter whitening products. These applications can:

  • Prolong the whitening process
  • Produce less sensitivity

Whitening Instructions

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