Traumatic Injury Rehabilitation

Traumatic Injury CalloutTraumatic injuries to the mouth may be repaired through a variety of prosthodontic methods. These instances require careful planning, prompt treatment and a specialist’s skillset.

Reverse The Impact

For more than 20 years, Dr. Maleki has reversed the impact of traumatic injuries to patient’s teeth. He is fully qualified to help patients with oral damage stemming from:

  • Severe car accident
  • Minor and major sports injury
  • Workplace accident
  • Self-harm incidents
  • Damaged dentition due to drug addiction
  • Broken and/or missing teeth
  • Broken or fractured jaws

Our Approach To Trauma Treatment

Accidents and injuries can result in severe maxillofacial defects for a patient. These might include fractures of the jaw and the lack of sufficient tooth and supporting structures. These cases simply cannot be resolved overnight.

Dr. Maleki will work alongside other specialists and surgeons to establish the proper function and performance of the injured mouth. He will develop a treatment plan to rebuild the smile, tooth by tooth, to give the patient a remarkably natural final result. The process typically includes:

  • Digital X-Rays and impressions of the mouth
  • Identification of pain sources in nerves and roots
  • Temporary teeth to bridge the gap between treatments
  • Diligent approach to preserve existing, healthy teeth
  • Dental implants to rehabilitate the smile
  • Crowns and dentures to replace missing teeth

Skillful And Compassionate Care

With a thoughtful approach, Dr. Maleki seeks to reduce the pain and rebuild your smile in the wake of an accident or injury. When an emergency occurs, he is ready to support you with immediate and long-term care.