Porcelain Veneers

VeneersWhether a tooth is chipped or stained, veneers provide immediate improvement to the overall aesthetics of your smile. Made of a thin porcelain shell, a veneer bonds directly to the front surface of a tooth to enhance its natural appearance.

The Veneer Difference

The application of translucent veneers comes with several personal benefits, such as:

  • Completely painless, non-invasive procedure
  • Porcelain that will not stain or discolor
  • Custom-designed by Dr. Maleki to match your teeth
  • Securely bonded with a long-lasting resin-based cement
  • Completely natural smile restored through precise placement

A Specialist’s Approach

Porcelain VeneersAll veneers are not made equally. The performance and final appearance of a veneer depends on the accuracy of the design.  Dr. Maleki captures an accurate impression of your teeth and skillfully matches the created veneer to the natural color of your smile. The final result is a natural look that supports a confident smile.