Oral Cancer Reconstruction

Oral Cancer CalloutOral cancer is a scary and life-threatening diagnosis. The disease can quickly destroy the bones and tissues in a patient’s mouth. In these instances, Dr. Maleki fully supports you during treatment, provides you with a specialist’s care, and actively works to save your natural teeth.

Complete Rehabilitation

Cancer patients often experience oral complications resulting from chemotherapy, radiation and/or oral surgery. Necessary treatments for cancer may leave a patient with a severely dry mouth, painful oral lesions, difficulty swallowing or decaying teeth.

In these cases, a specialist can provide beneficial services to improve a patient’s quality of life and potentially save the smile.

The Specialist Touch

Prosthodontics can support many of the goals in the rehabilitation of the smile, including the replacement of teeth.

Dr. Maleki typically begins working with patients after the cancerous tumor has been removed. His primary focus is to create an oral environment where teeth are not actively decaying. He works to reduce the experience of pain and discomfort while planning tooth replacement solutions that best fits your particular condition.