Are you tired of dealing with sliding, ill-fitting dentures? Are you in need of a denture solution that is durable and comfortable? You’ve come to the right place. Experience remarkably life-like dentures, personalized service and impeccable treatment with Dr. Maleki.

Customized Dentures

Our Approach

Precisely fitting a denture to a patient’s mouth requires a mixture of science and artistry – both of which you’ll experience at Grayhawk Prosthodontics P.C.. With a prosthodontist’s touch, Dr. Maleki creates dentures that provide you with:

  • Unrivaled comfort
  • Life-like, natural appearance
  • Precise fit for better chewing and speaking
  • Hassle-free cleaning and maintenance
  • Implant support, if necessary

At Grayhawk Prosthodontics P.C., all denture teeth arrangements are created on-site by Dr. Maleki. The result is a modern and dependable denture, custom fit to your unique mouth. Keeping your individual desires in mind, we are humbled and honored to help you choose the best denture solution appropriate for your needs.

Denture Instructions

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