Multiple Implants

Are you missing multiple teeth? Have two or more teeth that are significantly damaged or decayed? Multiple implants provide the foundation for new teeth that look, feel, and function just like natural teeth.

The Advantages of Multiple Implant Treatment

Dr. Maleki highly recommends the use of dental implants to replace multiple missing teeth. Implants offer several advantages to more traditional forms of treatment, including:

  • No “shifting” experience or movement
  • Surgically planted for a long-lasting solution
  • Placed without affecting the structure of surrounding teeth
  • Provides for natural chewing and speaking abilities
  • Preserves the existing health of gums and jaw bone
  • Resolves joint pain stemming from the jaw
  • Delivers a natural, life-like result

The Treatment Process

Multiple ImplantsFor most cases involving multiple missing or damaged teeth, implants are the preferred solution. The precision and durability of implants requires a carefully planned treatment process. Most patients can expect to have permanent replacement teeth within six months.

The first stage in the process involves the surgical placement of small titanium rods. Dr. Maleki also places temporary teeth at the end of this procedure to protect the implant sites while they heal. Throughout the healing process, Dr. Maleki carefully monitors the tissues and bone in your jaw to ensure that each implant successfully fuses into the jawbone.

Once the sites have fully healed, Dr. Maleki will place permanent crowns, bridges or dentures onto the implants. The final result resembles your previous teeth with remarkable precision, rejuvinating both the appearance and function of your smile.